Promotions Idea Development

  •    Innovative Ideas That compliment existing Branding Strategys
  •    Ensuring Consistency with Brand Philosophy
  •    Maximise Impact with Minimal Cost
  •    Develop creative Ideas for New concepts
  •    Logistics and Time Management
  •    Working within Budget and Time constraints

Product Sourcing

  •    Use both local and Overseas Suppliers
  •    On Ground sourcing Staff in China and India
  •    Rigorous search process to source best quality at lowest Price
  •    Supply Mockups, Prototypes, and Production samples before full production.
  •    Our Staff perform second tier QC in Addittion to Factory Qc
  •    Import Logistics, Shipping, Clearance and delivery

Product Customization

  •    Branding on Product, Product Packing or other Accessories, Printing , Embroidery, Engraving, Full Sublimation printing, and many more options
  •    Customised Packing Designs
  •    Choice of Colours, Materials, shapes, sizes and many more


  •    Using Various Methods of Import depending on project requirements
  •    Important Documentation, Custom Clearances and delivery direct to event
  •    Repacking if required
  •    End to End Process Management


  •    Warehousing Facility
  •    National Distribution Logistics
  •    Packaging and Repacking Facility
  •    Storage Facility for Long Term Campaigns
  •    Labelling & attaching promotion Items to Magazines


  •    National and International Delivery Management
  •    Distribution Via Road, Train, Sea
  •    National Distribution Capability
  •    Palletizing and Non-Palletizing for easy Distribution between Various delivery methods

Online Catalogue Management

  •    Continuously updating and Adding New products
  •    Development and Management of Online Catalogues
  •    Payment Solution or Credit Management