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The LogoVision Take 5 System is a pocket sized personal planning tool developed to help the work place. It is a cost effective way of promoting a safer working environment for your organisation.

The easy to use system is designed to be completed by all the workers before commencing a potentially hazardous task.


  • Designed using the best extracts from the many bespoke systems we have produced
  • The book is 130mm x 80mm in making it compact and pocket sized
  • Robust, matt laminated covers making it weather resistant
  • 50, 2 part take 5’s per book, printed in 2 colours
  • Each Take 5 features 14 hazard prompts
  • 50 Hazard reports per book (on reverse of Take 5)
  • Being a 2 part, a copy of the Take 5 is to remain in the book, whilst the other part can be handed to management; either as a proof of Take 5 completion or if a Hazard Report needs to be submitted
  • Integrated Hazard Risk Level calculator and Hierarchy of Controls diagram
  • Integrated clear instructions on how to use the Take 5 system
  • The book is Plasticoil bound, making it almost indestructible

Take 5 Book Wallet Protector (optional)

The Take 5 wallet protector is designed to hold the Take 5 books, providing added protection for the rough worker.


  • 145mm x 95mm (portrait) when folded and 145mm x 195mm when open
  • Black PVC shell with embedded polypropylene boards for added rigidity
  • 6 clear PVC pockets attached to the spine enabling you to insert family photos (hence reminding you of why you should be competing the Take 5’s) and other site specific inserts (eg. radio channels, evacuation procedures, first aid guides, detailed hazard prompts etc.)

Benefits of the Take 5 System

  • Can help reduce accidents and injuries in your work place
  • Promotes a safety conscious workforce
  • Duplicate Take 5 copy enables management to have a proof of completion
  • Easy to use and store
  • Quick to learn


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